Kitchen Design: Layout Ideas from Professionals

The size of your kitchen may not be the most important consideration. What makes a difference most is what you would like it to achieve. You must know whether it will be used for meal preparation or whether it will also be used for socializing.

The kitchen has become a great place to spend time with your family and entertain guests. In both instances, we propose to implement the work triangle rule. The idea is to reduce the distance between the three main areas of food preparation: the liquid zone (sink and dishwasher), the cold zone (fridge), and finally, the heated zone (oven). Setting up the ideal kitchen is frequently more challenging than we expect.

The relevance of furniture and storage in the kitchen cannot be overestimated. Invest the opportunity to go over all of the shapes and materials to ensure the greatest benefit and convenience. Always keep utensils, items, and devices near to where you'll be using them. Consider modular furniture if you want to change these settings. Modular furniture is becoming increasingly popular and is an excellent asset in kitchens, where furniture frequently needs to be adjusted for use. Generate a checklist of priorities for accessories and appliances. Remember to include sufficient lighting for both the room's overall atmosphere and to illuminate the worktop adequately. The latter can be standard or made to order. Implement strict rules for all kitchen designs, whether for the electrical grid and gas, for room ventilation, fire guidelines, or improve safety in the home, particularly if you have children.

Finally, the theme of your kitchen must be defined. When it comes to designing, today's kitchen is just as relevant as any other room. The possibilities are endless, such as colors and flooring, wall tints, worktop material, design furniture. Here are a few professional tips for effective and efficient Kitchen Design.

Single-Wall Kitchen with a Counter

This layout is best suited to a small and narrow kitchen, or it can be connected with another room. Activity from one area to another is restricted to a single line. Position the sink in the middle, with the cooking station and refrigerator on each corner, to lessen back and forth. If the room is inaccessible, you can position a table or a folding shelf over the counter.

Two parallel counters

This layout is beneficial in a long but big space because it lessens the distance between three aspects of the work triangle. 1.20 meters is the suitable distance between the two counters.

L-shaped Kitchen

This design is based on two adjacent kitchen walls. If one of them has a window, consider installing a sink beneath it. It's a smart option to utilize revolving doors in the corner. You can even include a dining area in this type of kitchen.

Kitchen with a U-Shaped Design

It can be open or closed, and it is ideal for all room sizes. It's beneficial because it requires all of the necessary elements and utensils within arm's access. In the case of an open kitchen, one of the counters can separate the kitchen from the rest of the room before being converted into a bar.

Island-Shaped Kitchen

This is one of the most widely known kitchen layout designs. It takes up a lot of space because the island is added to your single-wall kitchen in an L-shape or a U-shape. If you'd like to include a sink or a cooking station, make sure to arrange ahead of time to set up water and electrical inlets.

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